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Why Use Creative Interventions in Therapeutic Relationships?

Why Use Creative Interventions in Therapeutic Relationships?

“No matter how much you talk to someone, the words will not easily get translated into changes in the mid brain or brain stem”  

(Perry & Plate 1994)

An awareness of the operation of the brain is therapeutically important. The right hemisphere is more focussed on the NON-VERBAL, ARTISTIC and METAPHORICAL.

The left brain, by contrast, is focused more upon linear processing.

The integration of both hemispheres is important for normal functioning, and appears to be negatively impacted by trauma.

. By using interventions that access the right hemisphere and re-working the bridging to left brain narrative in a safe and contained space can reach through psychological and neurobiological obstacles to develop a sense of control and mastery ….. Ultimately helping clients to develop their own narrative and begin a new story….. without using words.

. Creativity is not a ‘thing’, it is a process  of integrating thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a meaningful way -

 - without the filters which  come from learned narrative and development.



Understanding and Implementing Creative Interventions within Supervision


A popular training, either 1 or 2 days for Supervisors, Qualified and Trainee Counsellors and Psychotherapists and Allied Professionals


including all materials and light refreshments and 6 hour CPD Certificate

For further information  please use the contact page



Using Creative Interventions

with Couples in Conflict










including all materials and light refreshments and 6 hour CPD Certificate

For further information  please use the contact page



 Short Creative, Visual & Active CPD Workshops & Training Programmes

I am frequently asked to design and deliver bespoke trainings, involving the effective use of creativity for individual professional practitioners, organisations and services

All training programmes aim to experientially demonstrate theory into practice and involve safe levels of participation – they are not seminar based.

Well equipped break out rooms are available for pair and small group exercises and skills-based practice.

To encourage a safe and immersive environment for learning, groups will have a maximum of 6 participants.

A minimum of 3 participants is necessary for effective learning – and can be logged as additional creative supervision in action.

All materials will be provided, along with comprehensive handouts and a 6 or 12-hour CPD certificate.

Each training runs from 10.00am – 5.00pm, light refreshments are provided with participants making use of the many food outlets close by for lunch.

If you would like to access a bespoke experiential training for either yourself, or your service/organisation

 please use the  contact page to discuss, and for fee information.

Listed below are short trainings and workshops that have been previously delivered independently, or as requested by organisations and services.


 Trauma and Addiction

Attachment, Trauma and Use of Substance & to Self Regulate - 3 day

The Neuroscience of Addiction - 1 day

Working Creatively with Addiction  - 1 day

Working Creatively with Trauma - 2 day

Understanding Vicarious Trauma and Impact on Practitioners - 1 day

Self Care and Resilience in Trauma and Addiction Professionals-1day


Creative and Experiential Workshops

Working Experientially and Somatically with Couples - 2 day

Working Creatively with Couples & Families - 2 day

Working Creatively with Groups - I day

Inspiring and Creative Active Supervision- 2 day

Raising Interpersonal and Intrapsychic  Awareness -  1 day

Using Guided Imagery and The Arts Therapeutically - 1 day

Transference and Projection - 1 day


Attachment, Couples and Families

Introduction to Counselling Couples - 2 days 

Couples Counselling - 3 x weekends

Creative Interventions in Couple Counselling - 2 day

Using Creativity and The Arts in Couple Counselling - 2 day

Duo Certificate - Working with Couples and Families  (60hrs)

Duo Diploma - Working with Couples and Families (120 + hrs)

Working with Couples from an Attachment Perspective - 2 days

Attachment Styles and Trauma - 1 day

Attachment Styles and Addiction - 1 day

Interpersonal and Relational Development - 2 days

Working with Couples Affected by Cancer - 3 days

Working with Couples Affected by Pregnancy Loss  - 2days


Working with Substance Dependency in 6, 8 and 12 week Contracts 

Trauma Informed Time Defined Counselling Contracts -2days

Time Limited Bereavement Counselling - 1 day

Managing the Beginning, Middle and End  - 3 days

Contracting & Boundaries in Professional Therapeutic Relationships - 1 day

Working within Organisational Contexts and Contracts - 1 day

Supervising Counsellors Working Within Time Limited Contracts  - 2 days

Organisations and Services that have asked me to design and deliver training programmes and workshops include:

CRI/ Equinox (Brighton & Hove), Federation for Disabled, B&H City Council Safe and Sorted Project, Hampshire Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists, Avon and Wilts Relate, Mankind UK, 360B Counselling Service, Rise, Psychotherapy in the Home Counties, 

The Olive Tree, The Horizon Centre, Sussex Counselling and Psychotherapy, Alternatives Counselling Service.

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